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Scooby-Doo! Unmasked  (2005)
Genre: Platform Players: Single-player
Scooby: Scott Innes Shaggy: Scott Innes
Fred: Frank Welker Daphne: Grey DeLisle
Velma: Mindy Cohn
PlatformRelease Date
GameCubeSeptember 12, 2005 (North America)
September 23, 2005 (Europe)
Nintendo DSOctober 18, 2005 (North America)
November 11, 2005 (Europe)
Nintendo Game Boy AdvanceSeptember 12, 2005 (North America)
September 23, 2005 (Europe)
Sony PlayStation 2September 12, 2005 (North America)
September 23, 2005 (Europe)
XBoxSeptember 12, 2005 (North America)
September 16, 2005 (Europe)
Scooby-Doo and the gang are visiting Fred's cousin Jed at his factory Monstrous Fright and Magic or M.F.M. Once they get there, Jed is missing, and his animatronics have gone haywire. Winslow Stanton tells them Jed is a thief and has stolen his mubber and animatronics. Scooby and the gang explore different areas in search of Jed.

Artificial Mind and Movement
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Noel Kechichian (Production Manager)
Flint Dille
John Zuur Platten
Mark Mitchell (Original Music)
Daran Nadra (Sound Design)
Eric Warin (Artistic Director)
Gregory Bourne (Lead 3d Artist)
Marek Olejarz (Illustrator)
Nicolas L'Heureux (Illustrator)
Rob Risek (Illustrator)
Elise Rochefort (Senior Texture Artist)
Bisser Maximov (Texture Artist)
James Miguel (Texture Artist)
Christian Robert de Massy (Texture Artist)
Alexandre Belanger (3d Artist)
Nicolas Belley (3d Artist)
Michael Steward (3d Artist)
Lorne Nudel (Lead Animator)
David Tardif (Lead Animator)
Patrick Saucerotte (Technical Lead Animator)
Daniel Desbiens (Animator)
Emilie Goulet (Animator)
Elie Charest (Lead Designer)
Jason Kim (Level Designer)
Eric Chartrand (Level Designer)
Pierre-Richard Malvoy (Level Designer)
Sebastien Bouzac (Level Designer)
Shawn Segal (Lead Programmer)
Jean-Sylvain Sormany (Lead Programmer)
Colin Bruneau (Programmer)
Jonathan Cournoyer (Programmer)
David Fugere-Lamarre (Programmer)
Olivier Pomerleau (Programmer)
Jean-Francois Simoneau (Programmer)
Nathalie Mathieu (Game Director)
Nathalie Jasmin (Game Director)
Johanne Matte (Storyboards & In-Game Cinematic Direction)
Susanne Blakeslee (Dame Nella Vivante-voice)
Frank Welker (Prof. Stoker-voice)
Adam West (Winslow Stanton-voice)
Grey DeLisle (Marcy-voice)