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Those Meddling Kids
Those Meddling Kids
October 24, 1998
Run Time: 8 minutes Network: Cartoon Network
This ran during a 25 hour Scooby-Doo marathon.
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Case One: Those Meddling Kids Get Started

Daphne: "Well, Daddy (George R. Blake) gave us the money to start off. We didn't even have a car, so we gave our parents gas money to drive us around."

{The gang is in Daphne's dad's car, while the song "Seven Days a Week" plays.}

Velma: "Look guys! A haunted house!"
Gang: "Yeah, Wooohooo, Hooray!"
Daphne:"Pull over, Daddy! Pull over!"
Mr. Blake: "You're not going in any old dirty house, missy!"
Narrator: "Seeking their independence, they bought a van, and called it the Mystery Machine."
Fred: "Shaggy found it."
Daphne: "It was interesting."
Scooby: "It's groovy. *laughs*"
Narrator: "After that, they skyrocketed to fame, setting precedence for the whole crime solving industry."
Velma: "We didn't wait for stuff to come to us."
Fred: "We went straight out and found those monsters ourselves."
Scooby: (Wide-eyed) "MONSTERS?!?"

Case Two: That Meddling Dog, Scooby Doo

Fred: "Sure, first, we were thinking, 'Ok, a dog with an adam's apple, a little strange.' But, we got used to it. So when he started talking, it wasn't really a big deal for us."
Narrator: "But, despite his special gift, Scooby did have his shortcomings."
Daphne: "I don't think I've ever seen an animal get as scared as Scooby does sometimes."
Velma: "What about Shaggy?" Velma and Daphne laugh.
Narrator: "As the Mysteries Incorp bonded, Scooby-Doo would, with soul mate Shaggy Rogers, form the most enduring partnership since Holmes and Watson."
Shaggy: "Like, things just clicked. Ya know? Now when the gang needs bait for a villain, like, they send us in. It's what we do. And I'll tell ya, there's no one I'd rather work with."
Scooby: "He said that? Awwww"
Fred: "You think Scooby gets scared of the monsters, try finding him when it's time to go to the vet."
Scooby: "VET?!"

Case Three: Shaggy, That Meddling Hippie

Narrator: "The gangs most cowardly biped, Shaggy, was in fact known as Buzz until his 10th birthday."
Fred: "Some people may think Shag's skinny because Scooby's always stealing his food. That's not it. It's because he's a vegetarian."
Narrator: "But as healthy as Shaggy tries to stay, he has battled unhealthy habits."
Shaggy: "Thing is, there were a few months when I was, like, overdoing it with the Scooby Snacks."
Velma: "At one point, I calculated that he had eaten exactly 45% of his body weight."
Shaggy: "Zoinks, I had to quit."
Narrator: "Instead, Shaggy turned to a new hobby."
Shaggy: "I have the largest collection of decorator belt buckles in the world. 653 last count. I'm wearing my favorite one right now. Like, it's hard to catch, but I wear a different belt buckle for every mystery. You just gotta pay attention."

Case Four: That Meddling Kid, Daphne

Narrator: "Daphne Blake has become known as the most fashionable member of Mysteries Inc., but there's more to her than appearance."
Daphne: "Ya know, Velma's not the only smart one. I get straight A's."
Velma: "We've said, 'Daphne, we're in a muddy swamp, ditch the pumps."
Narrator: "Even as a child, Daphne was interested in solving mysteries."
Voice: "What do you want to be when you grow up Daphne?"
Young Daphne: "I want to be a supermodel."
Voice: "A supermodel?"
Young Daphne: Nods "And a detective."
Voice: "oh"
Narrator: "Her aspirations have had a toll on her personal life at times."
Daphne: "I was late joining the gang at Old Man Johnson's farm. I've lost more dates that way."
Narrator: "Although, there have been rumors of something between Daphne and Fred."
Daphne: "Who told you that? We're friends."
Fred: "We're friends." Scooby kisses his paws. "Scooby!"

Case Five: Velma, That Meddling Brain

Narrator: "The youngest member has certainly had a big impact on the group."
Daphne: "Jinkies"
Shaggy: "Jinkies"
Scooby: "Rinkies"
Velma: "I was so surprised, it, it just came out. 'Jinkies! I'm getting worried about Captain Morgan.' Before I just said, 'Oh my.' It wasn't as catchy.
Narrator: "Velma Dinkley's parents pushed her from an early age to excel in her studies, resulting in hundreds of awards for outstanding achievement. Because of this, she can be a bit more vocal than her comrades would like."
Daphne: "That harp case is big enough to hide something."
Fred: "I wonder where this passage..."
Velma: "Oh come on Fred, isn't it obvious?"
Fred: "hmf"
Narrator: "Of course, Velma does do her share of sweet talking too."
Velma: "Scooby, will you do it for a few Scooby snacks?"
Scooby: "Rokay!"

Case Six: Fred and That Meddling Ascot

Shaggy: "Man, that thing must get steamy."
Scooby: "Ascot?!?"
Fred: "I like how it looks!"
Narrator: "By all counts, Fred Jones is the boy who has everything. Looks, yes, but smarts and talent too. In fact, Fred traveled with a performance troupe before devoting himself to solving mysteries."
Daphne: "With his dramatic training, he's really an expert at getting into the mind of the villain. Sometimes, when we're scared, Fred sings a little something from Showboat. It soothes us."
Fred: *sings* "Old man river"
Narrator: "Fred one day hopes to be a famous mystery writer where he can use all of his talents to the fullest."
Fred: "I just really feel like I'm doing something worthwhile. For me."

Case Seven: Those Finger-Pointing Villains

Villain: "It would have been mine if it wasn't for those meddling kids...meddling kids"
Villain: "If it wasn't for you snoopers"
Villain: "Hadn't been for those meddling kids"
Narrator: "you've heard it time and time again, but who said it first?"
Scare Pair: "I did"
Carlotta the Gypsy: "I did!"
Native American Witchdoctor: "Who dares defy me?"
Narrator: "They are the villains."
Villain: "You don't learn this til you've been in the biz a while. See, the key is the hidden door."
Fred: *gets pulled through the hidden door* "Whoa!"
Narrator: "Ordinary people on the wrong side of justice."
Ghost Clown: "Oh yes, I was groomed to be an astronaut and then the monkey...the monkey took my rightful place."
Narrator: "And how do they feel about Scooby and his gang?"
Villain: "In a word...anger!"
Black Knight: "I cannot speak without my lawyer."
Headless Spectre: "I could have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling...ugh whatever!"

Case Eight: Those Meddling Kids, Together Again

They've solved more than 200 mysteries together, what did they learn through it all?
Daphne: "Watch out for paintings that blink."
Velma: "Yeah, what is it with bad guys and portraits anyways? We haven't been in one haunted house that had a landscape on the wall."
Fred: "Remember the time when that evil gorilla guy"
Daphne: "Oh let me tell this. We finally catch this joker in a gorilla suit and it was a..."
Velma: "He was stuck in taffy."
Daphne: "A Freddy goes to pull off the mask, only it doesn't come off."
Fred: "Yeah, and this guy is screaming."
Shaggy: "Like, it turned out to be a real gorilla."
Velma: "That's what it really comes down to. We find a mystery, run around, trap a bad guy, rip his mask off..."
Fred: "And have a bunch of fun doing it, too."
Shaggy: *sees Scooby in a mask* "Yow!"
Fred: "I love you guys."
Velma: "Knock it off."